TEI Group was established in 1996 and then known as Tertiary Education International. The original concept was for universities and students to exchange ideas, education and methods on an international scale providing opportunities for Chinese students to gain Australian degrees and vice versa through joint programs with partner universities. This original idea is still a core part of TEI Group's activities however this concept has been expanded and grown in to many more different programs with numerous partners.

The father and son team of Professor Norman Dai and his son Professor John Dai developed the original program for Tertiary Education International working together with universities in China and Australia. Norman Dai retired shortly after and John Dai expanded a single program with little more than 100 students in to multiple programs that now have up to and over 3000 students each at any one time. There are now partners in several countries including throughout South East Asia, Europe, USA, Canada, China, Australia and New Zealand.

TEI Group works with its partners to create international programs that offer unique and desirable degrees and certificates that not only gives students more enhanced and broad education and training but provides opportunities for education providers to expand their course offerings by partnering with like minded international universities and education providers. In many circumstances working partners are able to share their resources and expand their courses as well as their student base whilst still working within sometimes confined budgets.

Through TEI Group's long standing operations in China it has developed strong relationships with numerous universities, education providers and Government Departments. These relationships have been built on TEI Group's renowned programs in China that have expanded to several thousand students over the last 20 years. A mutual respect and trust has developed over this time and enables TEI Group to introduce new partners and expand existing programs in the world's fastest growing economy.

TEI Group is continually planning and developing new programs and expanding existing programs. New partners are able to come to TEI Group and be quickly matched to existing programs or new programs created around their needs or ideas. Programs must provide new, interesting or unique opportunities for both the partners and the students and must also meet the strict financial budgets universities, education providers and governments require. TEI Group has over 15 years of experience in meeting and managing these needs.