TEI provides a range of international education support and supplementary services.


1. Strategic Consulting and Advice

For the past 20 years, TEI has specialised in:

Providing strategic consulting and advisory services in the field of education in China for Australian universities, government bodies and tertiary education institutions

Providing advisory services to Chinese tertiary education institutions, helping them achieve the internationalisation goals of Chinese universities, the China Ministry of Education, and Provincial Departments of Education.

Of the recommendations and plans we put forward, many have been adopted by our partners to great success.


2. Sino-Australian Articulation Program Development and Management

TEI has rich experience in working with Chinese universities and Australia universities to develop and maintain Sino-Australia Articulation Programs. We provide a wide range of services to the Chinese and Australian universities to support the initial and continued success of the program, including: Establishing the partnership

Assisting with course mapping

Program marketing and promotion

Assisting the universities with brand awareness and development of their profile in China and Australia

Providing advice on further business opportunities and strategies to expand market share and influence

Providing market reports and intelligence

Providing regulatory advice and assisting the universities to ensure that the programs operate in accordance with all requirements of the Ministry of Education and the provincial government, including requirements on quality assurance

TEI also helps Chinese and foreign tertiary education institutions to successfully overcome obstacles arising from culture, regulations and trade systems. TEI currently has over 28 domestic and international partners, with around 7,000 students studying in education programs managed by TEI. Almost 30,000 students have graduated with an international degree from TEI managed articulation programs over the past 20 years.


3. Research Cooperation and Commercialisation

TEI assists Chinese and foreign universities in establishing effective platforms for collaboration in research and with seeking research funding from government and corporate sources. Through the DC Foundation, we also provide funding directly to support research and commercialisation of research, helping researchers to achieve world-leading outcomes. Many programs sponsored by DC Foundation have successfully achieved commercialized operation.


4. Visa Service

TEI is a Chinese government approved visa service provider in conjunction with an affiliated company. We provide the full set of visa services for Chinese students studying overseas.


5. Chinese Student Recruitment

TEI can directly recruit students for Australian and UK universities at the undergraduate, masters and Ph.D. levels.